Are you putting your Job before your Career?

Oct 22, 2020

Are you putting your Job before your Career?


Over the years, you have become so brilliant at your job that you could literally do it in your sleep. 


You feel ready to get promoted and take on additional responsibilities, but nobody around you appears to recognise that you’re made for so much more. 


So you double down on perfecting your daily performance. Surely, they must notice that you’re ready to rise, right?




Becoming great at a job can actually get you stuck in it… 


I learned this myself the hard way.


By being a brilliant expert in my niche, I had inadvertently led important stakeholders create the perception of me that that’s all I had to offer. 


I was totally ignoring that I it was up to me to guide others’ perception of what I was capable of. 


Research shows that too many others, especially women, wait to be “discovered” and promoted instead of actively taking ownership of their career and guiding others’ perception of them. 


But reaching out to other people in your organisation can feel awkward and intimidating - it’s usually outside of people’s comfort zone. 


But there is a simple strategy you can use to go from this being awkward to this being totally doable. 


And it’s not about learning more


The one strategy you need to use is called mental rehearsal. This is exactly what Olympic gold medal winners do- they mentally rehearse every little detail of them winning the gold medal.


This is one of the things that I help my clients with in my Leap into Leadership Experience. Together, we find and fix the subconscious blocks that are keeping them stuck inside their comfort zone and “mentally rehearse” excelling in uncomfortable situations. 


Is there a conversation you have been avoiding? PM me if you want to build your muscle and be leading those conversations like a gold medallist.


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