Do you tell yourself the “One Day I will be ...” story?

Oct 21, 2020

Do you tell yourself the “One Day I will be ...” story? 


It goes a bit like this:  “One day, I will be my employer’s marketing director. I’m just not experienced enough yet ….  just need to do my current role for a few more years before I tell anybody what I want for my career.”


If you recognise that story, you’re not alone- research shows 70% of employees hate their job but are hanging in there and are probably telling themselves a version of the “One Day I will be” story, too…


And then you see Carol from Accounting have coffee with the CEO and a week later the announcement- “the current marketing director is leaving but will spend the next 3 months handing over his role to Carol from Accounting.”


What? You can’t fathom what the heck Carol from Accounting has to contribute to Marketing. By any measure, you would think that you’d be way more qualified for the role than Carol!


So what’s different for Carol? 


Carol’s internal story is likely different. Her story is more like “I am ready to be the director of marketing. I have a strategic vision, I’m full of creativity, I can build relationships with people, I can influence people and I love a challenge!”


In her mind, Carol already sees herself as an emerging leader. She regularly voices her views and opinions in meetings, she has a network of contacts across and outside the company, and she had some involvement in negotiating pricing with some outside vendors. 


In a way you could say that she has done a lot more than merely executing her current role as head of the financial planning team within Accounting. 


>>  She has been consistently demonstrating that she is made for more. In a way, she is being more of a leader than her job description would give away about her. 


That’s what I help my clients with in my signature program “Leap into Leadership”. I help them explore and refine their inner leader identity via deep subconscious work that lets them  ACT differently without having to remember to be different. 


As part of the experience, my clients mentally rehearse how they will think, feel and act differently in difficult situations at work, and they will receive a short personalised recording to “mentally rehearse” their new way of acting daily. The new way of being becomes part of who they are and the “One Day I will Be a Leader” story naturally turns into “I am a Leader now”, cutting off months if not years off the trajectory to soaring to an actual leadership position.


Now, be honest, are you telling yourself a “One Day I will be” or a “I am a Leader now” story?


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