Does the “good student” in you prevent you from getting ahead in your career?

Oct 23, 2020

Does the “good student” in you prevent you from getting ahead in your career?


The “good student” in you made sure that you studied hard for exams at school and uni, double and triple checked each assignment before you handed it in, and that you practiced each presentation you gave in front of the class. 


In short, the good student in you made sure you prepare really really well.


And you learned, consciously and subconsciously, that if you prepare, you will succeed.


That was true at school and uni, and maybe the early stages of your career…


… but sooner or later, you find yourself in a situation that you couldn’t possibly have prepared for... 


>> Ever spent all evenings and weekends working on a presentation, only to be asked a totally unconnected question that you couldn’t possibly have prepared for? 


>> Or, even worse, the topic of your presentation had to change at the last minute, leaving you hardly any time to prepare?


>> Maybe you were approached by somebody senior to you with a really interesting question that you hadn’t yet fully researched?


The truth about work life is that it’s notoriously unpredictable, and situations like these make us feel exposed. Unfortunately, you can’t possibly be perfectly prepared for everything that work life throws at you.


The inner “good student” may be kicking and screaming that this is unfair and that she hasn’t been given enough time to prepare… 


...and that’s exactly where she may be holding you back in your career, because she is unknowingly holding you back from learning to improvise and think on your feet.


But what made you a good student is not what’s going to help you be successful in your career.


It’s time to teach your good student some new skills. 


Instead of studying on nights and weekends, trying to prepare for what you think might happen ahead of time, you need to familiarise yourself with how somebody would react in unforeseen situations who is already a level ahead of you. 


This person is not a level ahead of you because they know more, they are a level ahead of you because they have learned how to respond to unforeseen situations with confidence and grace, even if they had no idea what the actual next step should be… they have the inner knowing that they are good enough to handle the situation to the best of their ability.


You don’t need to absorb any more external trainings to learn this skill, you don’t need to memorise any specific process or steps, and you don’t need to practice this skill for years either to make it your second nature.


You can simply declutter your subconscious mind from the need to over-prepare and upgrade it to give you phenomenal coping skills and feel resilient and calm in unexpected situations. It’s like giving yourself a massive upgrade. This is a technique that’s been used by Olympic Gold medal winners that the business world is yet to catch up with. 


This is one of the core pieces that I help my clients with in my Leap into Leadership Experience, where we do the deep subconscious work that helps them build the self belief and the soft skills to step into their first or next leadership position.  


What’s an unpredictable work situation that you have found yourself in recently?


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