Is fear of criticism stopping you in your tracks at work?

Oct 26, 2020

Is fear of criticism stopping you in your tracks at work? 


You are a master at what you do and are ready to step up into a bigger role. 


You have lots of ideas of how your organisation could navigate the current situation much better, and you are keen to share some of your strategic vision with your superiors.


But every time you are going to speak there’s something that stops you.


>> Maybe you just want to research them a bit better. 


>> Maybe you just want to want to sleep on them for just one more night.


>> Maybe they’re not that great ideas after all… if they were, wouldn’t somebody else already have mentioned them?


And so days and weeks go by with none of your ideas shared...


What if all these “Maybe”s are in fact excuses for you to stay in your comfort zone?

What if they are ways of protecting you from potential criticism?


The sheer thought of potentially being criticised might literally be crippling you. 


But there is a way out of there!


What if you could think of other people’s comments in response to your ideas simply as FEEDBACK?


After all, any comment about your idea is mostly feedback on how the person commenting sees the world rather than on how good your idea really is. 


And feedback helps you grow.


You know that speaking up is what you need to do in order to get into a leadership role, and the longer you wait to speak up, the longer you’re putting your career progression on hold.


I get it. Speaking up is hard. 


That’s why in my Leap into Leadership Experience, we focus so much on confident communication, where we use a proprietary process to mentally rehearse challenging situations to accelerate success in your career and in life. 


I love seeing my clients go from doubting themselves to sharing their ideas openly during team meetings in such a short time. 


And you, what has stopped you recently to speak up in meetings?


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