What’s holding you back from performing at 100%?

Oct 30, 2020

What’s holding you back from performing at 100%?


There are days where you jump out of bed and before you know it you have ticked off everything on your to do list and it's not even lunch time.


Then, there are days where it gets to 6pm and you just don't know where the day has gone.... With most of your to do list still not done.


And its not because you've been pulled into meetings or got interrupted or anything else happened that was out of your control... you were actually at your desk all day, free to get stuff done. 


You know you can make stuff happen, but on some days, it feels like such a drag.


It literally feels like you're standing in your own way! 


You start asking yourself what caused that.... 


... It's as if you got up on the wrong side of bed. 


I’ve got news for you…. Even though it feels like some days are good days and other days are just bad days...  people who are incredibly successful don’t rely on the chance of what kind of day it is… they MAKE every day a GREAT DAY. 


And they do this by setting themselves up for having a great day as soon as they wake up in the morning. 


This is the secret of C-suite level leaders as well as Olympic athletes. 


A CEO can't afford a bad day in this environment, and neither can you. 


Finding the right rituals to set you up for an amazing day every day can take a lot of trial and error and cost you valuable time. 


That's why in my Leap into Leadership experience, I help my clients identify the needle movers to sky rocket their productivity and effectiveness, so that they can perform at 100% they create time for the strategic thinking that's necessary to increase their organisations impact. 


What would be possible for you if you were operating at your full capacity more often? 


Hi everybody, so happy to be here!


I'm a Womens Leadership Coach and work with professional women who feel like something is holding them back in their career. 

I help them leap into leadership fast by building the soft skills they need for the next level, via my proprietary multi-modality approach that includes the mental rehearsal processes used by Olympic athletes, but in a business context, drawing from my 15-year experience as CPA and award-winning stockmarket analyst at PWC and Morgan Stanley. 


I'm also a mother of 2 and an avid salsa lover (both types).


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