-Are you a woman in a male-dominated industry and  tired of being overlooked at work?

-Frustrated that others get promoted before you?

-Determined to finally get seen, promoted and paid in 2021


Then join this FREE 5-Day Experience and get set up for inevitable success in 2021!


Each day is going to focus on another building block to make sure you start 2021 with



Purpose and Strategy


Let 2021 be the year that you stop drowning in mountains of work, invisible to senior management, and frustrated.


You are a talented, highly capable, driven woman - it’s time to own your power, stand out and have your bank account reflect that!

Your Schedule: 

Day 1: Get Unshakable Confidence in an instance

Build a tool box of ways to feel more confident about yourself

You won’t learn these at a corporate training day, that’s for sure!

Day 2: Your Hidden Superpowers

Find the next step in your career that may not necessarily be in the same line of work, but that leverages your unique strengths and benefits the company you want to work for

Day 3

Where I see so many women go wrong is that they focus only on their boss and clients. But there’s an array of other people who need to see you in order for you to get to the next level in your career.

Day 4: Networking in a Virtual World

Learn how to get seen by these people in non-sleazy ways that will make them really appreciate you

Day 5: The Perfect Timing to Stand Out

Discover how to determine when is the right time to present at work (this one is really for women only, and it makes a huge difference!)

The Result? 

You’ll create your own personalised Visibility Road Map to make 2021 the year that you’ll get seen, promoted and paid.

Join us here and see you on the inside!

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