What if there was a way to..

  • Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to slay the day
  • Feel balanced all day even when the dada hits the fan
  • Wave good bye to the dreaded afternoon slump
  • Tick all the important stuff off your to do list and …
  • feel great

Then my 5 day challenge is exactly what you need! 


Over the course of the 5 days, I will guide you to experience:  

  • the secret acupressure points to massively up your energy faster than you can say “egg nog soya latte”
  • the one trick that will help you power past that dreaded afternoon slump without coffee or chocolate (What are you going to do with that extra £50 + per month?)
  • the top relaxation exercise you can do at your desk (without anybody noticing) that will make you the most chilled and alert person in your entire building
  • the habit that will double your energy all day long
  • the biggest needle mover that helped me break through my burn out 8 years ago 

I hit burnout at the beginning of my 10-year stockbroking career, and the tools that you’ll be discovering in this challenge are among those that helped me 


  • get out of the rut, 
  • become the go-to expert in my niche, and 
  • return to work full-time after each of my two children and continue to get pay rises every year. 

Today I work with high achievers who feel exhausted, can’t sleep at night and can’t seem to get ahead in other areas of their life. I help them get their life back and excel in their professional and personal lives.I do that via my unique “Burnout Breakthrough” signature system that combines the powers of coaching, rapid transformational therapy and pranic healing. 

In this 5-day challenge, you’ll learn the exact tools that have helped me to get from exhausted to excelling in 5 minutes or less per day. 

Bianca Riemer at Morgan Stanley is the best equity analyst for German stocks this year, winning an award from Handelsblatt and the financial analysis firm Starmine.


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