Imagine you could stick to healthy eating habits….

Download this FREE 10-minute relaxation audio and re-wire your mind to:


✓ LOVE eating healthily 

✓ Stop when you’re full, and

✓ Feeling full of energy all day long.

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💭 Imagine what your life would look like if you had the mental power to stick to healthy eating habits and feel full of energy all day long?


💭 Imagine how much more you could get done at work, and how much better you’d be feeling in your skin, feeling strong and balanced all day long. 

This 10-minute relaxation recording will help you re-code and re-wire your subconscious mind to:
  • ✅ Choose to eat healthy nutritious food and feel amazing about it

    ✅ Enjoy your food at meal times, and then forget about food for hours afterwards

    ✅ Radiate energy from every cell of your body

All without: 

🙅‍♀️ Feeling deprived

🙅‍♀️ Starving yourself

🙅‍♀️ Feeling like there isn’t enough

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Your details will be forwarded to Bianca Riemer, who might communicate with you regarding this event or their services.

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“I feel more confident in my body”

Bianca was able to help me see the limiting beliefs I had about myself, that was established in my childhood. She got me into hypnosis and made me aware of why I act the way I do. I have gained more self confidence regarding my body. I was recently on holiday, where I was in a bikini and felt at ease with myself, which has never happened before. She has my warmest recommendation.It is incredible how much weight is on our shoulders from our childhood. I am honestly so sick of it! Thanks Bianca for helping me in the process of tossing it.

Bettina Nielsen, Solicitor, Copenhagen, Denmark

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“The uncontrollable urge is gone”

I was using an addiction to sugar to detract myself from working on my business. It's funny that we tend to want to believe the worst out of negative situations. My choices felt like an uncontrollable, unconscious action that could not be changed easily. Bianca helped me to connect my story with a positive experience!

Now I can make choices consciously and decide if I want to consume the treat or decide I have had enough. It no longer feels like an uncontrollable urge. Now it is a joyful thought that doesn't feel heavy and weighted.

I am glad that my story helped to reveal that this process doesn't have to lead to scary, sad thoughts. Connecting with positive things in the past is fun. Now when I think of sweets I connect it with the gift that my grandmother gave me to distract.

Princella Stringer, Empowerment Coach, Benton Harbor, Michigan

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“I lost weight without even trying”

I can’t believe how quickly the programme went past. Bianca came at a very important time in my life and throughout the programme I have received fantastic support from Bianca. She is such a positive person who has helped me work through challenging times and reminded me to celebrate the good things I achieved. 

I took small steps to changing my habits relating and am now more aware of choosing what I eat, how I eat – and even having fun with it! I kept up with my awareness of chewing until I just chewed continuously without thinking! I have added new things to my everyday diet and have substituted naughty foods for healthier options and things that still keep me fuller for longer. I plan my meals better, look through ingredients when buying and now feel healthier. I even managed to change some challenging habits I had as a parent to two boys, and have encouraged them to adopt new healthy eating habits too.

Lutfa Khanom, Therapist, London

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