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After only one session, Bianca helped with my sleep problems. Highly recommend her!

Myla LeinweberEducator & Parent Coach, Rossland, British Columbia

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Bianca was able to help me see the limiting beliefs I had about myself, that was established in my childhood. She got me into hypnosis and made me aware of why I act the way I do. I have gained more self confidence regarding my body. I was recently on holiday, where I was in a bikini and felt at ease with myself, which has never happened before. She has my warmest recommendation.It is incredible how much weight is on our shoulders from our childhood. I am honestly so sick of it! Thanks Bianca for helping me in the process of tossing it.

Bettina Nielsen, Solicitor, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Bianca is the most gentle and carrying therapist I have ever met. Her session is a bliss. She guides you into a deep unknown space of your own mind and internal blocks. I was following Marisa Peer's work for sometime and Bianca was a gods send Marisa Peers certified therapist. I felt very safe and comfortable with her through out my session. Therapy session preparation and home work instructions were very clear. I am happy with an immediate results but strongly feel that my body still processing our session after almost 3 month . I would work with Bianca again. Highly recommend her and very grateful for her help.

Kristina Boudaeva, Founder and President of WAFF, Toronto, Canada

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Before working with Bianca, I was stuck. I was struggling with feeling worthy of being seen or heard. I was hiding and playing small. I wasn’t able to introduce myself as a coach with confidence or leaning into the value I offer. I was feeling like an outsider, not feeling like I had a place I belonged.

Bianca walked me through a process of coming face to face with 3 defining moments in my life where I adopted this belief that I didn’t belong and that I didn’t feel I was worthy. She then stood beside me as I was able to rewrite my experience of these defining moments and standing up for myself in a way I haven’t ever been able to. Then she helped me to welcome in new beliefs around my ability to feel worthy, which in turn allows me to show up for myself at an elevated level.

I continue to listen to the audio message Bianca provided for me. It empowers me to show up for myself in a way I never knew was possible. Little by little I am on my way to the greatness I am worthy of.

I am so grateful for you! You are such a shining light! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Toni Daynard, Transformational & Mindset Coach, Redcliff, Alberta, Canada

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I was using an addiction to sugar to detract myself from working on my business. It's funny that we tend to want to believe the worst out of negative situations. My choices felt like an uncontrollable, unconscious action that could not be changed easily. Bianca helped me to connect my story with a positive experience!

Now I can make choices consciously and decide if I want to consume the treat or decide I have had enough. It no longer feels like an uncontrollable urge. Now it is a joyful thought that doesn't feel heavy and weighted.

I am glad that my story helped to reveal that this process doesn't have to lead to scary, sad thoughts. Connecting with positive things in the past is fun. Now when I think of sweets I connect it with the gift that my grandmother gave me to distract.

Princella Stringer, Empowerment Coach, Benton Harbor, Michigan

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Lutfa Khanom, Therapist, London

I can’t believe how quickly 12 weeks went past. Bianca came at a very important time in my life and throughout these 12 weeks I have received fantastic support from Bianca. She is such a positive person who has helped me work through challenging times and reminded me to celebrate the good things I achieved over the course of the 12 weeks. Her programme worked around for me – it was tailored for my needs and it was great to have a person who listened to what I needed and created a programme to reflect that.

Thanks to Bianca’s great programme, the reminders she helped me to create during our first session - pictures, ornaments and positive affirmations – are still around the house and these keep me connected to my goals. It gives me the motivation to stay focused and remind me of my personal reasons to keep it up and not give up.

I took small steps to changing my habits relating and am now more aware of choosing what I eat, how I eat – and even having fun with it! I kept up with my awareness of chewing until I just chewed continuously without thinking! I have added new things to my everyday diet and have substituted naughty foods for healthier options and things that still keep me fuller for longer. I plan my meals better, look through ingredients when buying and now feel healthier. I even managed to change some challenging habits I had as a parent to two boys, and have encouraged them to adopt new healthy eating habits too.

My mind-set was my biggest challenge and Bianca helped me to think about all the positives in my everyday life – things to be grateful for, no matter how small. I have learned to celebrate ALL achievements and not give up when I have setbacks. I feel that I have shifted from being the person who was my biggest critique to now, looking at things I have done well and feeling more confident in achieving things and believing that I can. As a parent I celebrate everything my children do as well! My language has even changed to being more productive and proactive.

I highly recommend Bianca as she is a breath of fresh air who showed me how to help and love myself. Her amazing positivity is so infectious and together we have built and strengthened my foundation. Bianca gave me the space to lead myself, be accountable for my all my actions and I was responsible for each step I took with Bianca by my side. Although my journey with Bianca has ended, her guidance has enabled me to gain the skills and confidence to plan ahead and I now look forward to the next steps toward my ultimate goals. I miss hearing that bright ‘HELLO’ and ‘Happy Monday!’ but she is still here in spirit, in the back of my mind each morning, supporting me when I struggle and celebrating when I have done well.

I am forever grateful to you Bianca - you are truly a beautiful person, inside and out, with a big selfless heart full of love and an amazing positive attitude that has definitely rubbed off on me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I had a real issue with my eye twitching! It had been going on for weeks and was super irritating. It was distracting me while I worked and I felt very self conscious about it.

Bianca took me through a session where you relaxed me via zoom and then asked me a series of questions. One session!

It has not twitched once since and it’s now months later! Unbelievable!

I can’t thank Bianca enough for this! My eye twitch was driving me bonkers and in just one session - bam! Gone! I now have a list of other things I want her to work on me for!

Donna Elliott, Mindset Expert, Speaker & Coach, England

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I am currently a Rapid Transformational Therapist in Christchurch and the surrounding area. In growing my practice I enjoy face to face interactions with others hugely and making connections in this way but, was very aware of blocks I had about creating my online profile. This was something I really wanted to work on.

Bianca was a pleasure to work with! As a fellow RTT therapist she supported me throughout the process with great skill and understanding. Her questioning beforehand was in depth and extremely skilled. She then guided me into hypnosis and we uncovered my blocks regarding the issue. I felt supported throughout and in very safe hands. She has a lovely warm and empathic style of working which I really relaxed into.

I have been listening to my personal audio recording that Bianca made for me daily, and am beginning to see the differences already. It is very soothing and effective. I look forward to building my online presence with no blocks!

Thank you Bianca so much! I would highly recommend anyone give Bianca and RTT a go, you will not regret it!

Kay Harrington, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Christchurch

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