I met Bianca on a coaching program for managing directors at UBS. I initially picked her as my coach as she had worked in investment banking before and was able to relate to the specific challenges that I was facing on the trading floor.
This was the first time where I actually really enjoyed coaching sessions. Bianca is honest, a great listener and I always got some great insights and useful actionable tips that helped me navigate the complex landscape at work without sacrificing my core values.
I would 100% recommend Bianca.

Cecile Retaureau, MD - EMEA Head of Financing & FI Solutions Distribution at UBS

I met Bianca on a coaching program for high-potential directors at HSBC.

We started working together at a time of organizational change and the resulting increased uncertainty, and my main goal for our time together was to hone my leadership skills by becoming seen as a trusted partner, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset and being more effective at influencing others.

Bianca and I had bi-weekly coaching sessions for 6 months to work on these goals.

What I loved about these sessions was that Bianca challenged me to see things from different perspectives, and at the same time gave me a lot of space to think things through properly.

This helped me arrive at insights about myself and others, such as whether my intention as a leader was to be liked or to be respected...

The sessions got me to think and act differently, to the benefit of me and my team.

The program with Bianca has helped me become more confident in my ability to evolve as a leader with my own personal leadeship style.

Not only that, I also feel that I understand much better what makes people tick and how I can positively challenge and influence them.

Bianca has helped me become a more effective leader at a time of increased change and uncertainty. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with her.

Kimberley Ruddlesdin, Director, Wealth and Personal banking at HSBC UK

Bianca is a unique executive coach. Thanks to her financial and corporate experience, Bianca has a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by her clients but manages to reduce them to their simplest expression.

Her tool kit is impressive and she is an unusual coach who drills into topics and issues with a true commitment to her clients' goals. At the core of her teaching is a focus on listening and analytical skills - which we tested and practiced relentlessly in group sessions with fascinating, like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. One of the best elements of the group session was to witness other clients' results - whilst one on one sessions were precisely tailored and uniquely uplifting.

Bianca is a coach I highly recommend and someone I will continue working with.

Stephanie Gabrielle Betts, Founder and owner of Josequine Home, England, UK

I registered to take part in Bianca’s Stand out at work challenge, with some amazing women leaders predominantly from Financial Services backgrounds including Bianca herself.

What I learnt most , the more you put in the more you get out. That I do have a voice and an opinion on a lot of these topics, I extended my network and have been able to show up in a really positive way. It has been great to get an insight into a completely different industry. Thanks Bianca for a great challenge!

Anne Tickner, Senior People Manager, West Sussex, England

An outstanding Leadership Coach, I consider Bianca an integral partner in my current journey of reinvention. She has helped me build resilience, vision and creativity. A brilliant thinking partner she has guided, inspired and challenged me to move forward beyond my own limitations. I would highly recommend Bianca to women who want to get ahead in the corporate or entrepreneurial space.

Jenny Du Preez, Employee Experience Specialist, Gauteng, South Africa

I was struggling with feeling worthy and didn't really give myself credit for what I have to offer. Bianca helped me welcome new beliefs that allowed me to show up for myself at an elevated level I never thought was possible. I had been going through a dry spell in my business, but signed up two new clients within a week of my subconscious session with Bianca.

Toni Daynard, Transformational & Mindset Coach, Redcliff, Alberta, Canada

After my session with Bianca, I felt like I finally understood where things were coming from on a very deep level and I also felt so much more confidence. I've been showing up even more authentically which was what this session was for originally which is amazing. I've been able to call in more clients as well.

Chloe Saffron, Life Coach, Belfast, N. Ireland

I had an amazing session with Bianca. I feel light, free, capable, happy, in love and unstoppable. I will and I can do anything that I put my mind to.What makes RTT so much more powerful than other therapy, is that it's so incredibly fast!

Maaike Saenz, Health Coach, Austin, Texas

I have seen quite a few changes since my session. The best parts for me from the session itself was the realization of a few things from my past that I didn't have an conscious memory of, and how they affect me today. I would definitely recommend Bianca. She was so easy to talk to and I felt comfortable to talk about what was bothering me. She hit the nail on the head with everything that she did with me.

Suzie Mahaffey, Life Coach, N. Ireland

Bianca is a member of the Echo community. We were looking for someone to deliver a workshop on how to manage your personal finances, and Bianca got in touch. She delivered a concise, impactful workshop, with lots of practical tools, tips and tricks for people to take away with them. Bianca was a pleasure to work with - super organised and reliable with a warm and friendly manner. She was very knowledgeable on the topic, and the workshop received excellent feedback from participants.

Sarah Henderson

Bianca was able to help me see the limiting beliefs I had about myself, that were established in my childhood. She got me into hypnosis and made me aware of why I act the way I do. I have gained more self confidence regarding my body.

Bettina Nielsen, Solicitor, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bianca is a Marisa Peer- certified RTT Hypnotherapist and is the most gentle and carrying therapist I have ever met. She guided me into a deep unknown space of my own mind and internal blocks. I felt very safe and comfortable with her through out my session. I am happy with the immediate results!

Kristina Boudaeva, Founder and President of WAFF, Toronto, Canada

Bianca managed to help me see some really positive ways to move forward with my business and overcome my fears.

Majida from Brennan & Burch

Bianca led an excellent Lunch & Learn workshop for staff on 'Six Steps to Master Your Personal Finances' - it was very comprehensive, informative and easy to follow. Sample feedback from an attendee: "This was brilliant - a wide range addressed with really good website pointers." Thanks Bianca!

London Legacy Development Corporation

I was using an addiction to sugar to detract myself from working on my business. It's funny that we tend to want to believe the worst out of negative situations. My choices felt like an uncontrollable, unconscious action that could not be changed easily. Thanks to Bianca, cravings no longer feel like an uncontrollable urge.

Princella Stringer, Empowerment Coach, Benton Harbor, Michigan

Bianca is a positive person who has helped me work through challenging times and reminded me to celebrate the good things I achieved over the course of the 12 weeks.  Her programme worked around for me – it was tailored for my needs and it was great to have a person who listened to what I needed and created a programme to reflect that.

Lutfa Khanom, Therapist, London

Bianca helped me with my visibility blocks and she was a pleasure to work with! Her questioning beforehand was in depth and extremely skilled. She then guided me into hypnosis and we uncovered my subconscious blocks. I felt supported throughout and in very safe hands. She has a lovely warm and empathic style of working which I really relaxed into.

Kay Harrington, Rapid Transformational Therapist, Christchurch

My eye twitching was driving me bonkers. It had been going on for weeks and was super irritating. I had a single 20-minute session with Bianca via Zoom, where where she helped me relax and then asked a few questions. One session! My eye has not twitched once since and it’s now months later! Unbelievable! I can’t thank Bianca enough for this!

Donna Elliott, Mindset Expert, Speaker & Coach, England

Bianca helped me with a long life issue - stress ulcers. After my session with Bianca, they were less painful and went much quicker than usual. It feels great to finally be able to manage them.

Elitsa Apostolova

I realized that I am worth way more than pining over a man who does not want me. And so I managed to move on with my life. And I am back in the dating world and I feel like I've been able to move on with that part of my life as well. I've moved forward with my business, I've been able to get a second practice client. I'm currently working on getting paid clients and I'm working I'm finishing my studies as well. I do feel like I am worth way more than I've ever thought possible. And I wouldn't feel this way if it hadn't been for the work I did with Bianca.

Tara Knox, US

I did it for anger issues with my husband, and it's kind of hurt my relationship. And I after doing the session, I immediately felt more grounded. I felt better about myself about I felt more knowledgeable about the situation and what exactly was causing the anger and that came up in the in the session itself and it it helped to give me the tools to be able to work through it when it came up in the future. And ever since then, I've not once had an explosive anger outbursts and directly after the session itself.

Megan Zelaya

I had RTT hypnotherapy with Bianca. I had an ongoing disc issue in my neck which, despite numerous surgeries, drugs and physio was slow to heal. I wanted to explore if there were any subconscious reasons for it lingering. The whole experience was very relaxing, and the recorded visualisation Bianca provided to do daily was wonderful. In tandem with the medical protocol this definitely helped speed up the healing and ease the pain - thank you so much!

Emma Parkes

I came to Bianca as I was struggling with my relationship with food. I felt out of control and constantly anxious. I never expected I would be "normal" again and could eat without any guilt. Eat what I fancy, when I fancy and stop when I am full. I don't think about food constantly and am fit, slim and healthy and have a realtionshiop with food I could only ever have dreamed of before Thank you so much Bianca :)

Emma Larkins

I sleep much better after just one session with Bianca. Highly recommend her!

Myla Leinweber, Educator & Parent Coach, Rossland, British Columbia

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