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Hi, I’m Bianca, an award-winning Stockmarket Analyst - turned Sleep & Burnout Coach, RTT Hypnotherapist and Pranic Healer

I help high achieving entrepreneurs and professionals like you overcome insomnia and burnout, so that you feel like yourself again, excel professionally and get to truly enjoy time with your loved ones. 


Bespoke coaching that’s tailored to your lifestyle and your goals



"I was struggling with feeling worthy and wasn't leaning into the value I offer. Bianca helped me welcome new beliefs that allowed me to show up for myself at an elevated level. In fact, I still listen to Bianca's audio message as it empowers me to show up for myself in a way I never knew was possible."

Toni Daynard
Transformational & Mindset Coach, Redcliff, Alberta Canada

"Bianca is the most gentle and carrying therapist I have ever met. Her session is a bliss. She guides you into a deep unknown space of your own mind and internal blocks. I was following Marisa Peer's work for sometime and Bianca was a gods send Marisa Peers certified therapist. I felt very safe and comfortable with her through out my session. Therapy session preparation and home work instructions were very clear. I am happy with an immediate results but strongly feel that my body still processing our session after almost 3 month . I would work with Bianca again. Highly recommend her and very grateful for her help."

Kristina Boudaeva
Founder and President of WAFF, Toronto, Canada

"Bianca was able to help me see the limiting beliefs I had about myself, that was established in my childhood. She got me into hypnosis and made me aware of why I act the way I do. I have gained more self confidence regarding my body. I was recently on holiday, where I was in a bikini and felt at ease with myself, which has never happened before. She has my warmest recommendation.It is incredible how much weight is on our shoulders from our childhood. I am honestly so sick of it! Thanks Bianca for helping me in the process of tossing it."

Bettina Nielsen
Solicitor, Copenhagen, Denmark

"I can’t believe how quickly 12 weeks went past. Bianca came at a very important time in my life and throughout these 12 weeks I have received fantastic support from Bianca. She is such a positive person who has helped me work through challenging times and reminded me to celebrate the good things I achieved over the course of the 12 weeks. Her programme worked around for me – it was tailored for my needs and it was great to have a person who listened to what I needed and created a programme to reflect that. "

Lutfa Khanom
Therapist, London

"This was an amazing session. I feel light, free, capable, happy, in love and unstoppable. I will and I can do anything that I put my mind to."

Maaike Saenz,
Health Coach, Austin, Texas

"Thank you so so much for our session...it was amazing so much more than I imagined...I know already that there have been massive shifts as I feel lighter and more free. "

Suzie Mahaffey
Life Coach, Northern Ireland

"My RRT session with Bianca was a game changer!! I had no idea the root cause of the issues that were impacting my life & career today. Bianca is incredible & I can't recommend her enough!""

Kelly Scheffield
Writer, London

"Bianca was a pleasure to work with! As a fellow RTT therapist she supported me throughout the process with great skill and understanding. Her questioning beforehand was in depth and extremely skilled. She then guided me into hypnosis and we uncovered my blocks regarding the issue. I felt supported throughout and in very safe hands. She has a lovely warm and empathic style of working which I really relaxed into."

Kay Harringdon
Rapid Transformational Therapist, Christchurch, New Zealand


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