Hi, I'm Bianca

Leadership Coach, Communication Trainer, and Success Hypnotherapist to exceptional powerhouse women.

Hi, I'm Bianca!

As the first ever person from my family to ever continue school after the age of 16, let alone move to another country, I’ve had the pleasure of working in London’s financial services sector for almost two decades, winning numerous awards as a top-ranked stock market analyst at Morgan Stanley, and I now run my own Confidence and Communication Coaching Business.

Today, I help driven professional women to stand in their power so they can become the leader they were always destined to be. I make this happen through my individualized elite coaching, group coaching programs and laser corporate coaching workshops.

Women now make up 60% of university graduates, they make 80% of consumer buying decisions, but only 8 Fortune 500 CEOs are women - and there are more CEOs called John than there are women.

That has got to change.

The days of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and playing small are over.

The world needs you to step up and define a new era.

An era where women are in all the places where decisions are being made, and feel worthy to do so.

An era where we are no longer afraid to be women but proud of it. Where we stop trying to fit in with society’s unrealistic expectations and instead appreciate ourselves for who we really are.

An era where we stop waiting for things to change and instead, step into leadership and BE the change we want to see in the world.

Looking back, I was standing in my own way for a very long time.

The woman who allowed others to interrupt her in meetings and take credit for her ideas. The woman who said yes to every single request and worked 3 times harder than anybody else, yet never got any recognition- to the contrary!

I was in the dream job I’d always wanted, but the prize I had to pay was sucking my soul.

Then one day, I was so exhausted I fell off an exercise bike during a lunch time spinning class. The same week, I got told by my manager that I was underperforming.

I was shocked!

She said- you think you’re working hard, but others don’t see it. It’s your responsibility to show them.

I didn't want to be that woman who gave up her dreams without giving it another try.

But I knew working even harder just wasn't an option. There HAD to be a better way.

I decided to take radical responsibility for my own career.

I got help - like a lot.

And I rebuilt my respect for myself.


I stopped working evenings and weekends, I started managing my energy, I took more risks at work, I became extremely visible,... and I got promoted. My salary almost tripled.

Fast forward a few years, I was not only a top-ranked analyst, but I also won two awards as best stockpicker for the entire German stock market (!!) and best earnings estimator for German financial services… despite having been on a 9-month maternity break and working shorter hours than everybody else.

I was living proof that overworking was NOT a requirement for success.

But when both of my parents died from the results of overworking and burnout, I knew I had to do something about it. My parents never met their grandchildren - and I won’t let that happen to anybody else!

You can be successful without working yourself into the ground! And I am here to support you along the way!

I believe you’re capable of…

…letting go of the “good girl” conditioning from the past that keeps you stuck in perfectionism, people-pleasing, and overworking. You can be successful without worrying about what other people think. 

...influencing major decision-makers without manipulating them, negotiating resources with ease, and getting the green light on projects that you deeply care about. 

...stopping stress from taking over, keeping you isolated and too busy to put yourself out there, and start letting your feelings matter and peace permeate your world (the world needs you; will you step up?).

...creating a NEW reality for yourself despite the odds and take your life & career to a whole new level 

…finally feeling accomplished and grateful, and able to switch off in the evenings and weekends without constantly having to ruminate about work, so that you can finally spend time off with your loved ones, and enjoy the success you have created for yourself.

I believe you can have the career success you desire without sacrificing your health or relationships.



You can find me in one of London’s parks, meditating or enjoying the latest audiobook. I am obsessed with anything spiritual, nature and self-discovery. 

On the weekends, I love spending time in the forest, either chasing my kids around the forest playground or on my double-suspension mountain bike that my now-husband got me as an engagement present instead of a ring!

Are you ready to be the leader you’re meant to be?

Then let's chat! 

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Are you ready to be the leader you’re meant to be?

Then let's chat!

 Book your complimentary call now.